Would you dare?

I double-dog dare you to write a bitchy piece – to just bitch about whatever you feel like bitching about.

In the April 2015 issue of The Atlantic, Britt Peterson has written a piece entitled “Meet The New Bitch: The Curious evolution of a slur.”  He says the word dates back to a 1923 letter in which Ernest Hemingway wrote:  “I’m so . . . damned bitchingly, sickeningly tired that anything I do will be of little value.”  Actually, Peterson says Hemingway “adored the word bitch and its derivatives” – applying the word not just to women (he called Gertrude Stein a bitch) – but to bad editors, or even the weather – I.e.  there’s a “bitch of a squall” blowing outside.  Then there’s Tina Fey’s swerve – not swear – comment “Bitches get stuff done!”

 So why not a bitchy, bitching poem? 

 Let me weigh in on it . . .

It’s everywhere – in every room – in the bedroom, the den, even in the kitchen.  Dog hair!  My brown bitch chocolate lab is shedding her winter coat – and leaving it all over the carpet.  Enough for a fur coat – but I vacuum it up – and vacuum it up – but lawdy lawdy, I love that dog – and feed her treats and hug her – and tell her how sweet she is, how beautiful, that bitch of mine.