Negative Capability 34: The Body in D[ist]ress Now Available!

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The 34th issue of Negative Capability Journal: The Body in D[ist]ress, edited by Sue Brannan Walker and curated by Megan Cary, features 41 talented poets, writers and visual artists from around the world approaching the topic of the body in a variety of perspectives. Negative Capability's first full-color issue will provide you with a visual experience and thoughtful conversation on the body in d[ist]ress.

Contributors include:
B.J. Alligood, Fred Bassett, Olivia Benton, Jayson Edward Carter, Dewitt Clinton, Bob Collins, Barbara Crooker, S.E.B. Detling, Will Justice Drake, Faith Garbin, Becky Grismer, Rachael Guy, Jason Guynes, Melissa Guynes, David Hamilton, Kathleen Hellen, Zeze Hoffman, Philip Kolin, Kim Peter Kovac, Joseph Lisowski, John C. Mannone, Barry Marks, Lance Mason, Mary Mazziotti, Ann E. Michael, Joe Pankowski, Alex Podesta, Peg Quinn, Ellen Redbird, Nicholas Rinaldi, Pat Schneider, Ivy Schweitzer, Lynn Skordal, Laura Sweeney, Maria Terrone, Johnson Tsang, Ronald Walker, Margaret Watson, Carey Scott Wilkerson, Anne Wright and Müesser Yenlay.

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