RECOLLECTIONS:  From Vol 1, No.2 of Negative Capability

(October 1981)

Here are a few limericks from

 Mary Lawrence (Mickey Cleverdon)


An old house in the town of Avaunted

Ran an ad that it wished to be haunted

            Said a shy liitle ghost

            On accepting the post,

“It’s nice to know that you’re wanted.”

. . .

A boy from Slag Hill, Tennessee

Sat endlessly watching TV

            He petrified there

            And fell from his chair,

And was thrown in the trash as debris.

. . .

There once was a young girl named May

Who talked in a whisper all day.

            When someone said “Louder!”

            The shock simply cowed her,

And she whispered a scream anyway.

 . .

There was a young snapperer named Snipperer

Who breakfasted on fragrant fried kipperer.

            No, he didn’t mind

            Eating one of his kind.

He said, “Kipperer made Snipperer feel chipperer.”